Custom Acrylic Keychains (Acrylic Only/No Hardware Included)

  • $6.00
    Unit price per 

Material: 1/4" Clear Frosted Acrylic 

This listing is for custom acrylic pieces ONLY and does NOT include keychain hardware!

Tiered Pricing:

• 1 Keychain = $6.00

• 2-4 Keychains = $5.00/ea.

• 5-9 Keychains = $4.00/ea.

• 10-19 Keychains = $3.00/ea.

• 20-49 Keychains = $2.00/ea.

• 50-100 Keychains = $1.50/ea.


Custom orders and personalized engraving options are available for most products. Please send all special order requests and/or questions to for additional information.

No refunds will be provided for custom orders or digital items. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please e-mail for assistance.

LoBo Designs watermark added digitally; physical item will not be branded.


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